The DNA is comprised of three different committees: Outreach, Events & Promotions and Quality of Life.


The Outreach Committee’s mission is to foster and support DNA MKE’s overall goal to strengthen and improve the quality of resident’s lives and businesses in the downtown community; and to improve the visibility, understanding and appreciation of the DNA MKE and its related activities and committees. Contact the committee at with your ideas for social media or articles.

The committee:

  • Builds public awareness
  • Interacts with community members
  • Informs residents and businesses
  • Manages social media – Facebook
  • Creates the newsletter

Events and Promotions

The Events and Promotions Committee is responsible for organizing and executing fun and informative events for downtown residents. They work with Milwaukee Downtown, East Town, Historic Third Ward and Westown to organize select DNA offerings at their events.

The committee:

  • Engages members through fun events and activities
  • Connects influential community leaders with residents
  • Fosters collaboration with other neighborhood groups and associations
  • Supports outreach and member development goals

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life Committee’s mission is to foster a cooperative and proactive relationship between its residents, city officials, and businesses to make Milwaukee downtown a great place to live and work. Contact the committee at

The committee:

  • Interacts with businesses and city officials to implement quality of life improvements for downtown residents
  • Identifies and champions projects that encourage downtown community growth and vibrancy
  • Informs downtown residents regarding crime prevention and safety initiatives
  • Facilitates dialogue between residents, city officials, and law enforcement groups regarding downtown resident concerns and expectations